Monday, 28 March 2011

katie in reiss?

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doesn't the model in yellow look a bit like katie holmes? is it just me, no?

i really miss reiss which we don't have here in sweden. why? i don't know. the cut, fabrics and their silouette would really sell in stockholm i think. customer service at reiss is always on top too, maybe thats why, they can't find any nice people to work in the shops :) well, we're lucky enough that sell reiss and ships to sweden, for free.

i know, there's a lot of colouring going on here at the moment as with most bloggers i'm sure but the fact that i'm living, and i'm raised in a country where the sun doesn't rise for 6 months a year just basically have to do something with it. and it's not gonna stop. little rainbow me. <3

1 comment:

  1. Det fanns faktiskt en förut, vid solo, men jag vet inte varför den stängde :(. Tycker också att det är synd.