Thursday, 3 March 2011




mannequinns made out of blue pearls and hearts in paper. beautiful. i think some people in my life are really made out of pearls and small hearts.

i passed by stockholms biggest department store, nk (nordiska kompaniet) today and i can tell you one thing, we are not used to highend decoreated shopwindows in this city. but this had almost a london standard. i was really surprised. i love harvey nichols, liberty's and selfridge's windows. we don't usually have that here!

nk is suposed to be stockholm's harrods i guess but not as posh as harrods and not as trendy and young as selfridges. somewhere in between. it's not my favourite store but worth a visit if your in town.


  1. oh, these are really beautiful. i can tell it´s the same in berlin - there is not much creativity when it comes to shopwindows. But these are special.

  2. I know, beautiful! It's like a little exhibition. I think Berlin is more creative than Stockholm though when it comes to shopwindows :)

  3. Det e min designer sus soddu som har gjort dem! :)

  4. Åh wow, säg att hon är en stjärna i världsklass! Jag stog där väldigt länge och tittade med öppen mun!