Wednesday, 30 June 2010

in my handbag


this is what you probably always will find in my handbag, at any time. basic. i would also like to reward myself, this is the only bag i brought home to scandinavia, it's my second time ever flying with ryanair and the first time i ended up paying a lot for everything. i took the i'm-not-gonna-pay-any-extra-fees-this-time attitude very seriously and this is actually the bag i was travelling with. well proud of myself!

this is midsummer





hello lovely people. I am so sorry about my lack of bloging, i wanted to but without camera and internet thats impossible. now i'm back. misummer is big in sweden, it's like christmas, everyone is off from work and going out to their country house. it was wonderful to get some swedishness into my blood again. i just wish i nicked this hat of who ever left it in the cabin. it was perfect, the hat i've been looking for. buhu...

Friday, 25 June 2010

in the woods





i don't have internet here (but in the car, managed to see the football) all the time at the country side and i got here the first day after a quick catch up with my beautiful friend columbine. she will be a smashing fab mom one day don't you think? this is her niece (sneezing this second, otherwise the happiest child) also a pic from the first time she tried her pradas on. now. the first pic is taken 11.30 at night! now: midsommar afton!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010




this is how happy i feel now. tuesday is finally here and i'm off to stockholm. midsummer celebration and some country lifestyle is coming up. but i won't leave the city of islands without dancing with these three pretty ladies.

Monday, 21 June 2010

a great day



welcome to day birger et mikkelsen. this is where the office is, in little venice. the view over the water is what hits you when you get out through the door. you really can't believe this is 5 mins walk from london paddington station. this is my little paradise.



i've been sitting down all day printing orders and putting through dates of deliveries for aw10 and pre ss11. wearing: shorts and blazer, topshop. t-shirt, cos. necklace, new look (!). shoes, h&m and bag alexander wang.

Sunday, 20 June 2010




i've never been a sale person. when it's sale i'm always ending up buying the full price stuff. until now. moving here is the best thing i've ever done, shopping wise. the shoes are going up north but the little iphone case is for my phone that i (proud) havn't scratched yet after nearly a year and i'd like to keep it that way. the case was 70% off (!) from balenciaga.

Friday, 18 June 2010

suede and leather


today's been a mission. running around like a mad woman between harvey nichols, harrods, liberty and work. sale is really a sale here. everything and i mean everything is at least 50% off. nearley everything from the ss10 shows are now 50% off. every single brand i can think of from the shows in nyc, paris, milano and london are represented. go mad ladies. i'll show you what i bought tomorrow, they just deserve daylight, they're going straight to stockholm on tuesday... i have the best friends and i'll do anything for them.

i was wearing: suede jacket, h&m, leather skirt, vintage and clogs, zara. the colours don't come out right in this light, i'll take a mood pic tomorrow morning for you.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

i'd like to place my money where i can see them



patern parade


i've always been a sucker for patterns. right now you find a lot of it, everywhere. i found what i was wearing yesterday in a sweet little pile on my floor this morning. i had to take a picture. now: me and my swedish phone are heading for knightsbridge and do some telephone sale shopping for my sweetheart columbine in stockholm. usually harrods and harey nichols start their sale a bit before the set date. if not, there will be some racing tomorrow morning with all other sicko-fashion-lovers of london.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

this morning


i didn't start until 2pm today and had time to run some errands, this is how i looked. wearing: jumper, sandals and shorts, topshop. bag, louis vuitton and scarf h&m.

00120m 00170m 00430m

on saturday i'll go and see this exhibition i think, maison martin margiela at the somerset house, london. there is also an other exhibition about the antwerp's students who started a collective in the 80's with mr margiela and for example ann demeulemeester. this is three looks from his aw10 collection that i wouldn't say no to.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

on my way back home



wearing: playsuit, zara. shoes, missoni and bag balenciaga.

Monday, 14 June 2010

on the veranda


after work i went home to get a dry jacket (forgot my umbrella this morning)and then met up with my sis for a drink. just next to my house there's a great pub with a veranda facing the river. wearing: sequin jacket and hareem pants, topshop. flats, miu miu.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

vintage heaven



about once every month there is a little vintage fair in primrose hill, the people selling are much nicer, more helpful, genuinely interested and they don't take over prices as in portobello and brick lane. here you can find everything from 150 years old victorian dresses to vivienne westwood jackets from the 80's. it's literally a vintage heaven. because it's so small, be there in time. the next fair is on the 17th of july, 11:00 to 5:00 cash only.i loved the chanel inspired jacket, bottom pic, the colours, the buttons perfect but it was to big. £12, that's quite cheap i would say, would have bought it if i had my sewing machine here.

Saturday, 12 June 2010





ebay is a underestimated source for vintage bargains. i loved these miu miu flats when they came a few years ago. i bought a pair of suede plats and loads and loads of pearls and sequins. my, did my family know? i was so frustrated about these small m***********rs that no one around me didn't know about them. but the result was not to bad. i still have them in a box somewhere is stockholm. i remember dreaming of the day i would be able to buy shoes like that without needing to put so much of blood sweat and tears into it. and here they are. £25 (!) i love them and hey, will we ever get to old for pink?

saatchi gallery



went to see the new exhibition at the saatchi gallery yesterday and as usual you will find a lot of cool or weird stuff. very modern but always exciting. i loved the big paper dolls.

Friday, 11 June 2010

shop til you drop

one thing i like about buying magazines in the summer season is the fact that every single one of them seem to come with a gift, preferably a beach bag / shopping bag or summer tunic. i actually saw this moschino cheap and chick bag on ebay a few weeks ago but forgot to bid on it, it was only about £5 but hey, now i also got a mag with it. think it came with uk in style, july issue.

Thursday, 10 June 2010




i was wearing: dress, h&m fashion against aids. jacket and shoes, topshop.

trying a twiggy make up


twiggy is so london, i'm trying a twiggy make up today but with brown eye liner, a bit softer. do it black next time. this picture is from yesterday but i got so many comments i'll put it on today too.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

fox in guildford


i went to guildford to work over the day and on my way home i saw this foxy young lady. you could tell there was a thought behind her outfit but my, doesn't she still look cool and casual?

Monday, 7 June 2010

pierre hardy for gap




i was excited this spring because pierre hardy decided to do another collaboration with gap. but i must say it wasn't really what i expected. where are all the colours, beautiful fabrics and futuristic designs? i kind of knew though that gap wouldn't agree with that but, anyway. cute summer shoes, sure. but not very pierre hardy to me. two top pics are part of the collaboration and the bottom two are from different previous pierre hardy collections.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

cold inside. warm outside


this is what my last two days have been like. in bed, zipping lemsip and reading when my head doesn't hurt to much. today my cold is finally better and i repainted my nails = feel like a new version of myself. i love the amount of magazines in this country. and they're cheap. the perfect combination.

i'm on bbc one friday night news


bbc one with their camera team, escorted by this fashionable lady interviewed me last friday about what i will wear for this season. she just had
it and looked absolutely stunning. if you live or visiting london and don't know what to wear or buy this season you can find her, natalie robinson, and her professional team here.

Friday, 4 June 2010




last time i went to the day birger et mikkelsen office at the toll house my boss gave me this silk dress "for my hard work". man, i'll work even harder. it's so funny that she gave me this too after knowing me for such short while, because this dress's got my name on it, literally. such a stina dress. i'll wear it with a small leather belt, show it on later, now i have to run to a store launch event at day birger et mikkelsen, house of fraser oxford st. ciao!