Thursday, 17 June 2010

patern parade


i've always been a sucker for patterns. right now you find a lot of it, everywhere. i found what i was wearing yesterday in a sweet little pile on my floor this morning. i had to take a picture. now: me and my swedish phone are heading for knightsbridge and do some telephone sale shopping for my sweetheart columbine in stockholm. usually harrods and harey nichols start their sale a bit before the set date. if not, there will be some racing tomorrow morning with all other sicko-fashion-lovers of london.


  1. where can I find the striped sweather? i'd be very glad if you could answer it in my blog, check it out,, and hey, i found this blog from columbine and now i'm stuck. keep up with the good work, // emelie

  2. oopss, sorry! when i looked down just a bit i found the answer, but i would still be more than happy if you took a look at my blog and said hey, i like this about you're blog, and hey i don't like this, this you can do better. have a nice weekend! // emelie -