Friday, 4 June 2010




last time i went to the day birger et mikkelsen office at the toll house my boss gave me this silk dress "for my hard work". man, i'll work even harder. it's so funny that she gave me this too after knowing me for such short while, because this dress's got my name on it, literally. such a stina dress. i'll wear it with a small leather belt, show it on later, now i have to run to a store launch event at day birger et mikkelsen, house of fraser oxford st. ciao!


  1. Gud vilken snygg! Jag letar efter exakt en sådan fast byxdress:)

  2. Tack!
    Ja, visst är den fin. Färgen är ännu finare live. DAY har gjort en liknane byxdress tror jag, har sett den i look booken. Byxdress är alltid to die for. så SMIDIGT!!