Tuesday, 15 March 2011

the bag

someone asked me about my green bag and it's 10 years old and it recently had a little make over! it looked like this before. like an old ladies bag. i wanted it to be crossover chains...

so i cut the chains off and then took it out from the eyelets and then but it back togheter again...

he eyelets are quite horrible on this bag and i'm thinking they are not shown as much if i put ribbons in them..
i cut the edges off and on the very end i put a layer of nail varnish so there won't be any fringes.

voila! the fake fox tale is from h&m divided!

i've been looking for a green bag for ages and i thought until i find the perfect one this one will do.. It's a bit crazy. i'm thinking prada meet soinia rykiel. or something.

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