Thursday, 10 March 2011

copenhagen / malmö

Milan Train Station at Midnight

on saturday morning i'm going to malmö and then later on to copenhagen. anyone who knows anything to do for the weekend? a nice bar, exhibition or new restaurant. it's two years ago i went down there now. my first stop in copenhagen is of course going to be cos...

there is something about train stations, i don't know why but i find them so peaceful. it's so beautiful how everybody is going away or coming home. i used to go to paddington station to get to work in london, i crossed through this massive station and quietly just looked up and soaked in the moment. i miss that.

picture: trey ratcliff


  1. hej! cool blogg! jag vet ju inte alls vad du gillar men mina favvo ställen är sticks n sushi, lêlê eller madklubben för god mat, butiqe lize för äkta skitig köpenhamns stämmning och billiga drinkar och så jolene, bakken eller mesteren og lærlingen i kødbyn. god tur!

  2. Tack! Jag ska hinna med så mycket jag kan! :)