Sunday, 8 January 2012

i'm sorry


i'm so very flattered of the emails i've got from some of you who read my blog. i am alive. just a little too much work at the moment. because of that, less inspiration for being creative (which you actually do to have a blog at some stage)and keep on blogging.

i've been away from here for about two months now and that's the same period of time i've been with acne at their head quarters in stockholm as an intern. it's the best thing i've ever experienced career wise but since i work about 6 days a week and some days up to 14h/day there have just simply not been enough time for blogging i'm afraid. i will do my very best to be better with the update! ;)
lots of love and a big thank you!

1 comment:

  1. Hey me too :)since we couldnt catch up last time you were in london,please accept my apologies,lest catch next time u in london or me in stocktown. Sam