Monday, 24 October 2011

last night, fulham


just realisze my beautiful nude silk socks just make me look like i wear legging - the worlds most ugly look you can ever go for, if you ask me. just not flattering, on anyone. anyway, picture got a bit dramatic with the wind going mad with my hair and coat.

Actually wearing> star tights, socks and boots, topshop. coat and skirt, h&m. jumper, acne. bag, balenciaga.


  1. found this picture just after your post )
    look up to Carla Sozzani's way!

  2. :) she looks amazing and she can pull it off but I stll think she would do better without leggings. I would for sure look common as **** in it. But your right she looks very cool.

  3. just to mention, I'm against leggings as well, they seemed so cool 4 years ago, but now i won't like to see them on anyboy, even Franka:)