Monday, 1 August 2011

good night. good bye, you sad little shitty day.


as a scandinavian, the horrible things that happend in norway 10 days ago, has been a true shock. i've been so sad and upset mostly because i just can't understand how that can happend in norway, of all places. i've litterally never met anyone from norway that haven't been lovley. they are the kind, open and happy people of scandinavia.

i've experienced something today that made me realize that there are really people out there that make evil things happend. suddenly norway feels even closer then it has for the last 10 days. for 30 seconds this afternoon my heart beated 1000000 times and i was really really scared. afterwords, shoked. and now just empty and sad. disapointed.

i wish that there was love for everyone on this planet, that every little child could grow up to be a loving and open person. i'm gonna go to bed watching this beautiful picture and think about how to create more love and warmth to this could environment.

picture by camilla åkrans

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