Monday, 23 May 2011

out of the subject...




rugby is very big in argentina. it's a sport thats not really around in sweden and therefore the whole rugby lifestyle is new to me. well, i went to a sports club to support one of my cousins and it was like walking right into a tommy hilfiger or ralph lauren advert. the game is even on espn (!) yes, very proud little swedish cousin...

anyway, i didnt understand anything about rugby but thought the whole thing was very exciting, can tell from the last picture where i insist on taking a photo, (just clapped my hands before snapping a pic of excitement). my cousin is clearly not as thrilled as i am haha! come on, we dont have sportsmen in my country who fight for their team in mudd, blood (literally) sweat and tears.

by the way i'm just so very generous giving you a picture where i'm hang over, in lack of sleep and wear no make up! cheers!

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