Sunday, 28 November 2010


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i am hitting myself in the head at the moment. i found these lovers on ebay three days ago and put my alarm so i wouldn't forget and then some how i managed to put the alarm five minutes to late. i am so so angry. the worst thing is that the winner got them for nothing. i'm not even going to write the amount because it is annoying me to much. aaaaargh...! everything happends for a reason, right?


  1. i caaaaant believe it! my size and everything. by 5 minutes. i missed them with f-i-v-e minutes.

  2. Asså hallå, kolla djupt in i mammas garderober och jag är säker på du hittar nått lika färglatt, typ karamell skorna eller nått. Behöver jag tillägga att jag tycker de var sådär... Fast sjukt irriterande att missa!

  3. I still havn't been able to get over these two... It hurts. I need to man up